We provide many plumbing and heating services and new boiler or full heating systems is one of them. Some systems can be brought back to life with a bit of work but these will still remain inefficient. We will advise you on the best system for your property as a combi boiler is not always the best solution.

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Technology is rapidly changing the way we live our lives and these include how we control our heating and hot water. As of April 6th 2018, changes to the building regulations will require certain criteria be met when installing a new boiler and one of these could be smart controls. These can be fitted to older boilers but things such as OpenTherm is only available on newer

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New bathroom can improve your home and increase its value. Bathrooms are for some, a place to light a candle and relax in a hot bath. Others who have hectic life styles prefer to shower and with many options available to you today, the list is endless. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating (00043923)

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If you have more than 1 property and require ongoing service or maintenance, please get in touch and we can provide you with a bespoke service and quotation.

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Often overlooked by many other plumbing companies as small things such as a dripping tap, faulty flush on the toilet or leaking overflow. We will help you in any situation. Maintenance and service is usually the best preventative measure to total breakdowns. Give us a call, tell us the problem and we will give you a cost effective solution and a rapid response.

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This could indicate sludge, debris or iron filings in the system. Older systems had few mechanical parts and could take more 'neglect' then newer boilers meaning the system would often get dirty and contain brown or black water. More modern boilers have many sensitive and mechanical parts and one of the first things to deteriorate is the heat exchanger.

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Your boiler is the heart of your home. It provides you with hot water and heat to keep you warm yet so many go without the attention it needs. A simple safety check or basic service once a year is all that is required to keep an eye on things and possible prevent an expensive breakdown. Most boiler warranties require you to ensure regular maintenance is carried out (annual service).

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Thermal imaging can save you time and money. We use Thermal imaging to trace pipe work, leaks and blockages, however, it can be used to locate insulation problems, draughts and cables or sockets that are overheating. If you have been advised of a power flush, this can be expensive but a quick thermal survey may show you actually have a fault with a blockage,

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As a responsible Gas Safe registered engineer (Reg no: 587409) we know the importance of having your property check, especially if you let it out. Whenever we carry out a Landlord Gas Safety Check, we check everything from the meter, the pipe work, ventilation, smoke alarms, CO alarms, flues/chimneys and we service the appliance(s).

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